Performance Management by Design (PMbyDesign™)

6 – 7 Aug-2021
Virtual Course

Managing Business Development Portfolio

13 – 14 Aug-2021
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Strategic Account Management

19 – 20 Aug-2021
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Leadership and Management Excellence (A Practical Workshop For Managers)

20 – 21 Aug-2021
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Agile Performance Management.

Our solution is built around Agile Performance Management. It is designed for the new world of work which is more collaborative, social and faster moving. Agile Performance Management plugs the holes that exist in performance management. It takes what doesn’t work well with performance management, fixes it and then supercharges it.

HR Technology

HR technology has already been instrumental in transforming the field of HR and HR is evolving into a more technology-based profession because organizations need to:

HR Consulting & Outsourcing

Because at Insel we are aware that different businesses have different HR needs depending on many different variables, we don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our work. Instead we design and create tailored HR business solutions that meet each organization’s individual needs and that have a long term, positive impact on our clients’ and partners’ organizations.

Recruitment and Selections

We have a dedicated resourcing team, who ensure that your company image is well represented throughout the campaign, with all interactions with potential candidates being polite, professional and courteous, ensuring that the experience is efficient and burden free. Our dedicated resourcing team can provide tailorable services dependent on your requirements that can be stand-alone or fully integrated with your in house processes.

Learning and Development

Insel Consulting’s extensive experience in performance consulting and learning and development value chain has helped individuals and corporate organizations provide the right blend of learning strategy, design, training development, informal learning interventions to achieve desired performance outcomes.

Business Advisory & Consulting

Our aim is to add value to your organization with every action we take, and we do this by establishing a partnership with your business so we can develop an understanding of your requirements, your key business areas and your overall goals.


In the past few years, we have spent an appreciable time auditing HR functions for some organizations. Notable are indigenous oil and gas service companies, churches and non-profit organizations. In most of these audits carried out, the aim was to conduct an in depth analysis of the HRM functions in these organizations with a view to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and where improvements may be needed in the firms’ human resources system.

Our HR Audit Findings

You will experience real results when we work with you. Learn more by reading our featured client success stories.


Right Expertise

With Insel Consulting, you’re not just hiring another consulting company, you’re partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations. Our solutions and interventions are rich with expertise and industry best practices. We work with our clients to help align their people strategies with their business strategies.

Cost Effectiveness.

Our unique business model makes it possible for Small, Medium, and Large businesses to have access to and benefit from our full-fledged solutions without financial burdens. As a small company, we know how challenging it can be to find solutions and pricing that fit. We are responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can’t match. So we will work within your budgets and adapt our services to your changing needs.

Commitment to your Performance.

YES, bottom line matters! We are really interested in ensuring that you get value! At Insel Consulting we don’t just get to know your business, we take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your company reach its potential. We personally invest ourselves in each and every project we work on. Our programs will provide your business with a clear road map to increase performance, productivity, efficiency, overall communication and employee morale.

Commitment to Quality.

We don’t settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to our training interventions. We’ve worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients with affordable learning and development programs and reasonable scheduling options without sacrificing the quality of our services.

Everything we do at Insel

is underpinned by our four CORE VALUES

These core values reflect in everything we do at Insel and the way we interact with all stakeholders in our firm. They are simplified and each letter joins to form– PIEE





Our Insights



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