HR Consulting & Outsourcing


Because at Insel we are aware that different businesses have different HR needs depending on many different variables, we don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our work. Instead we design and create tailored HR business solutions that meet each organization’s individual needs and that have a long term, positive impact on our clients’ and partners’ organizations.

Our Consulting Services Include:

HR Administration

Setting up the HR Function

Useful Templates for the HR Practice

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

Compensation, Benefits and Incentive Systems

Competency Frameworks

Employee Opinion, Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Exit Surveys

HR Policies and Procedures

HR Strategies

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

Job Evaluation and Grading Systems

Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Retention

Organization Design and Restructuring

Performance Management Systems

Succession Planning

Training, Development and Talent Management


HR Outsourcing Services

Human resource management is an issue for all employers, irrespective of size or specialization. Outsourcing evolved out of specialization in different areas of endeavor. When organizations began to specialize in service offerings, cost cutting measures were learnt and these were transferred to other companies who formerly internalized such services but at higher cost.

When the multinationals decided to start business process outsourcing, the most important focus to them was cost savings and it worked so well, and it has become one of the greatest advancements in business management.

Benefits from our HR Outsourcing Services

Small and midsize companies are increasingly looking to outsource HR functions in order to focus on core operations and growing the business. Research on HR Outsourcing has shown that small and midsize companies derive immense benefit from HR outsourcing as they do not have the resources and the scale to build a comprehensive HR function. Contracting out parts of the HR function in which the organization does not have expertise is a time and money-saving strategy.

Our Value Proposition

  • Strategic HR advice from a person who knows your business, your culture, your vision and your objective.
  • Assistance crafting the policies, procedures and communications needed to make your vision a reality.
  • Implementation support on strategic HR plans, projects and training.
  • Performing those HR initiatives that are most pressing to you.


Our Approach and Proposal

Our HR outsourcing model will deliver strategic, tactical and operational HR functions to you on a one-off and ongoing basis, depending on the nature of the service/function.

We shall nominate one of our HR consultants to manage the HR management needs of your organization with adequate back end support from Insel Consulting.

Whether you want to outsource one, few or all HR functions, Insel can do it for you. Our HR Outsourcing Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing Organizational Structure and staffing requirements
  • Training & Development
  • Recruitment & Talent Sourcing – Direct Sales Agents, Retail Field Agents, Call Center Agents, Engineers, Technicians, Line Operators, Line Technicians, Technicians and Operators, Cashiers, Front Desk Tellers etc
  • Implementation of a Performance Appraisal System
  • Setting and tracking department objectives, goals and strategies
  • Employee and Manager training
  • Implementation of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • Create or update employee handbooks
  • Exit Interviews
  • Payroll Management
  • Implementation of Compensation Systems

At Insel Consulting, we are redefining HR Management in Nigeria and Africa by offering Outsourced HR Services to our clients to pick and choose from depending on their needs thus providing them with just the right HR functionality for their business, nothing more and nothing less.