Reinventing Performance Management

Reinventing Performance Management

(2-Saturdays Practical Training on How to Design & Implement a More Effective Performance Management System)

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Why Should I Take This HR Course?

As a result of participating in this course, you will be better able to:

✅ Know Why Performance Management Matters Now Than Before

✅ Conceptualize & Audit Your Organization’s Performance Management System

✅ Know 23 Common Performance Management Pitfalls to Avoid

✅ Get Buy-in For Performance Management Initiative.

✅ Use Design Thinking Approach To Solve Your Performance Management Related Problems

✅ Identify & Manage Underperformance

✅ Choose a Great Cloud-Based Performance Management Software

✅ Latest Trends in Performance Management System

Who is the Program for?

✅ Chief Human Resource Officers


✅ VP Global People Operations

✅ VP Global Head of Employee Experience

✅ Head of VP/Director Talent Management

✅ HR Business Partner

✅ VP/Director Total Rewards & Compensation

✅ HR Professionals seeking to advance their career

✅ Consultants

✅ People Manager

Others who:

✅ Like solving performance problems in a structured manner.

✅ Love extracting insights from numbers to create insightful stories.

✅ Want to impact business decisions through evidence employee performance data.

✅ Want to inculcate 21st century thinking in their performance management program

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Practical. Comprehensive. Game changing

Module One Evolving Assumptions about Performance Management

Lesson 1: Why Performance Management Matters Now than Before

Lesson 2: 5 Emerging Trends Shaping Organization and Performance Management

Lesson 3: How to Navigate those 5 Forces

Module Two Performance Management and Your Organization

Lesson 4: Auditing Your Organization’s Performance Management System

Lesson 5: Identifying the 23 Common Performance Management Pitfalls

Module Three Getting Buy-in For Reinventing Your Performance Management System

Lesson 6: Building the business case for performance management in your organization

Lesson 7: 4-Step Approach to Get Buy-in for Reinvention

Module Four Performance Management by Design: (People-Centric Approach) (Practical Session)

Lesson 8: The 5-Part People-Centric Cycle to Solve Performance Management Problems

Module Five Getting the Right Measure of Success

Lesson 9: OKRs Vs. KPIs Vs BSCs Vs MBO: Breaking Down the Difference

Lesson 10: Implementing OKRs, KPIs or BScs

Module Six Automation: Using Cloud-Based Performance Management Software

Lesson 11: How to Leverage Tech to Enable Effective Performance Management

Lesson 12: 3-Step USA Framework for Tech/Software Success

Module Seven: Coaching Manager from M-Syndrome!

Lesson 13: Diagnosing Signs & Symptom of M-Syndrome in your Managers

Lesson 14: Managing Underperformance: Are Your People Managers up to it?

Lesson 15: Focus Development on Enhancing Strengths, not Fixing Weaknesses

Module Eight Latest Trends in Performance Management (Bonus module)

Lesson 16: Four Bodies of Research Influencing Performance Management Today

Throughout the course, you’ll be shown how to implement a range of tools and job aids.

✅ Sample Performance Management Audit Questionnaire

✅ Performance Management by Design Canvas

✅ Identifying your business challenges

✅ Benefits of Performance Management Across Stakeholder Group

✅ Performance management process implementation objectives

✅ Performance management people-centric process implementation team

✅ Project objectives and success criteria

✅ How to Design Your Own Tools/Forms
– Goal Setting & Objectives Form
– Quarterly Summary Evaluation Form
– Competency Summary Evaluation Form
– Year-End Assessment Form

✅ And Much, Much More…

✅ Area to reinvent yourself and your team

✅ Enhance your value as a member of your senior management team and as the leader of the HR/Performance Management function

✅ Expand your knowledge of research-based next practices in Performance Management

✅ Mini Forums to discuss HR initiatives and Insights with other Insel Academy Members

✅ One-Year Access to Insel Learning Academy

Fee & Payment

This is a virtual class and the fee covers the following- tuition, instructional materials, and one year access to the video via Insel Learning Academy, several tools, job aids and assessment. Admission to this program is only with the payment of the fee.

FEE: 50,000 (15% OFF FOR FIRST 50 SIGN-UP)


TIME: 5:00 PM (GMT+1)


✅ Certificate of Attendance

✅ This program can be organized for your in-house HR Teams


Adedoyin Adebayo

Management Consultant & Host @Performance Tools Show

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