Professional Office and Administration Skills

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Successful secretaries and administrators often require many of the same skills as senior staff in an organization. They are often the person in charge of the organization’s correspondence. They are very often the first point of contact for visitors. Therefore they must display a highly professional image at all times. The role of being a professional secretary or administrator requires: excellent office skills, including filing, preparing for meetings, dealing with people, both on the telephone and face-to-face, exceptional interpersonal abilities, and first class business writing and communication skills. This programme covers all of these, and more.


Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for all junior secretaries, office managers, administrators, administrative assistants and admin support staff who would like to improve their skills and the contribution they make to the smooth running of their office.


Course Objectives

  • To understand the importance of effective administration skills within an organization
  • To enhance your communication and interpersonal skills
  • To manage your time efficiently and be able to think proactively
  • How to be assertive and build a good rapport with your boss
  • To develop the skills needed to be a professional secretary
  • To learn how to set up and manage effective filing systems
  • To learn how to manage petty cash systems
  • To understand how to manage stock and stationery supplies
  • To enhance telephone skills and learn what to say, and what not to say


What You Will Gain

  • Practical skills and knowledge to improve the overall administration within your office, or organization
  • A clear understanding of what makes a good secretary or administrator
  • The ability to plan and prioritise time and activities
  • Effective communication skills to deal successfully with colleagues and customers


Programme Contents


  • Time Management – Making Time for Success
    • What is time management
    • Concepts of time management
    • Time management tools and techniques
      • Goal Setting
      • Prioritization
      • Scheduling etc
  •  Professionalism and Workplace Etiquette
    • What is etiquette
    • Elements of Professionalism & Etiquette
    • Punctuality and timing
    • Appearance
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Email etiquette
  • Effective Business Meetings
    • Preparing for a meeting
    • Effective business meetings
    • Non-Verbal Listen Skills for Meeting Facilitator
    • Dealing with difficult members
    • Ideas for creative meetings



  • Effective Business Communication
    • Importance of Business Communication
    • Verbal and Non verbal communication
    • The Communication process
    • Planning your communications
    • Advocating Effectively- Moving up the ladder
    • Inquiring Effectively- Moving down the ladder
    • Balancing Advocacy & Inquiry
    • Communicating in Writing
    • Business Letters


  • Conflict Management
    • Understanding Conflicts
    • Managing causes of conflicts
    • Approaches to conflict management
    • Interest based relational approach


  • Records Management and Filing Systems
    • Types of Business Records
    • Criteria for effective filing
    • Common file arrangements
    • Developing a Functional Filing System
    • Effective file management
    • Records Inventory Management

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